Core Values

Students who succeed develop more than just academic mastery—they possess exceptional strength of character.  

Our character education is based upon our BE GREAT core values.  Everyday, our staff models our BE GREAT core values for our students.  Everyday, we work to develop in our students our BE GREAT core values.


We are not afraid to take risks. We show bravery by trying our hardest, knowing that we will make mistakes, and learning from them.


We never give up. We have the courage and the tenacity to keep at a task or skill until it is accomplished or mastered.


We constantly grow. We are never satisfied with what exists; we are constantly looking to be our new best self.


We look to ourselves to get the job done. We take responsibility for our actions, our efforts, and our words.


We approach life with energy, enthusiasm, and humor. We are fiercely positive and show our positivity.


Outcomes matter; we focus on results and do what it takes to accomplish our goals.


We succeed and fail as one.