Mid-Year Data Check

One of our Anchors for Success is that data drives our decisions. For us, it’s a crucial tool in recognizing areas of growth and finding ways to help bring our students to and above grade level.

Halfway through our first year, we are delighted to share with you the incredible progress our scholars have made in just seven months. Our data shows that our scholars are growing their brains at a rapid rate and are catching up to (or exceeding!) their peers.

We have tested our scholars twice on the NWEA Map test, a nationally normed assessment used by thousands of schools across the States.

Overall, we are extremely proud of our scholars for making tremendous strides in both reading and math. When compared to their first round of test scores back in the fall, it’s truly remarkable to see how far they've come!


Look at the jump our scholars have made from their scores in the fall – wow!

In addition to outdoing their own scores, scholars are now going head-to-head and exceeding national growth rates.

Growth Scoare 1.JPG
Growth Score 2.JPG

In math, our scholars showed almost double the growth that is expected of their peers nationally. At the beginning of the year, our Kindergarten scholars started below their peers in reading, but now, their growth is outpacing the nation. 

Switching gears to ST Math, we have some exciting news!

Every day, scholars log onto ST Math, a math program developed by the MIND Research Institute that engages the brain's innate spatial-temporal reasoning ability.

We are so ecstatic to announce that out of 75 CPS schools that use ST Math, our scholars are number one for growth!

Great Lakes Academy is number one - all the way to the right!

Great Lakes Academy is number one - all the way to the right!

To keep the good news rolling, we are one of the top ten schools in the entire Northeast region for growth in ST Math.

Our staff will use all this valuable data to continue to push our scholars towards greatness. Thank you to everyone who has helped make our first year so successful thus far. This is just a sign of the many great things to come – stayed tuned!