Our Grand Opening

It’s time to shine an apple and open up those books because Great Lakes Academy has officially opened its doors for its inaugural kindergarten and first grade classes!

On Monday, August 25, our staff huddled in a circle and harnessed all our excitement and first-day jitters to giving our scholars the best first day of school experience. We knew eager, bright faces were waiting outside, ready to start their journey to college.

We swung open the doors to families and their kindergarten scholars in a line that nearly stretched our entire school building!

Just two days later, our first grade scholars joined us for their first day of school.

For our students, the first week was a crash course in learning our positive culture, procedures and work ethic, along with understanding the high expectations we have for our students, families and ourselves. Along the way, students found out what it means to be a Great Lakes Academy scholar and got to try out a few cheers!

Our first grade scholar, Reginald!

Our first grade scholar, Reginald!

One of our scholars, Reginald, said his favorite part of going to Great Lakes Academy so far is having the opportunity to learn.

“I like learning because I like being smart,” Reginald said with a smile. “I do not want to be distracted and lose the opportunity to just be smart.”

Spoken like a true Great Lakes Academy scholar, Reginald!