A Special Visit

Our guest blogger, Myrialis King, talks about her experience visiting Great Lakes Academy Charter School!

This past week, I had the incredible honor of visiting Great Lakes Academy for the second time this year. I first visited the school during its first week of school back in August, and I was eager to see how much had changed (and stayed the same!) since the opening two months ago.

My week at GLA started on Monday when I joined the staff for their first ever full day of professional development since school began. I was able to see all the amazing GLA teachers dig deep into their student’s STEP data in order to create lesson plans that will push their scholars towards academic success. Teachers worked hard to prepare for the weeks ahead, and it was inspiring to see how they adjusted their lesson plans to help scholars grow even more. I could clearly see how their hard work paid off, as they applied their planning for the upcoming week. 

                                           Our mystery reader and special guest, Ms. King!

                                           Our mystery reader and special guest, Ms. King!

Bright faces greeted scholars the following morning. I loved seeing that they are greeted at the door by the head of school, Ms. Myers, and by members of the staff several more times on their way to the cafenasium. Once they enter, they hear the sound of classical music and see a yummy, healthy breakfast waiting for them, which fill their bellies with to help them grow their brains. And these scholars don't miss an opportunity to learn, working on bright work after finishing their breakfast. Soon after, they transition to their morning meeting where scholars start the day off with a celebration of chants, cheers and songs, as well as some academic questions that reinforce what they're learning in their classes.

At the end of the week, I had the chance to see my first GLA Friday Community Celebration. As an extra treat, I was the mystery reader for the week and got to read the spooky-themed book, “Creepy Carrots!” for the school. Throughout the week, Ms. Myers kept giving clues during the morning meetings about who the mystery reader would be, and after a few guesses, I was finally introduced as the week’s guest. I could see how excited they were to finally find out my identity! It was wonderful to see the celebration, where students show school spirit by chanting school cheers, class cheers and get awards for exemplifying GLA core values. 

I hope the scholars enjoyed the book "Creepy Carrots!" as much as I enjoyed reading it to them. Thank you for the amazing opportunity to visit and work with Great Lakes Academy!